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Couldn't be easier.

Send me an email: You shouldn't have to, but send me another if I don't get back to you in a day or two.

Call me: 617-699-5668. Same thing; you won't be pestering me if you call back, not that you should have to.

Drop me some snail mail, your annual report, your latest case statement, some direct mail, a book for review: 73 Park Street, #3 (very important), Mansfield, MA 02048. This is not a public office so, alas, no office hours (although I might consider it if you bring blueberry pie).

When the photo of me was taken, I was presenting a two-day course at the Academy for Nonprofit Excellence near Norfolk, VA. This fantastic resource for the region's nonprofits is supported in large part by the lovely folks at the Hampton Roads Community Foundation. P.S. My hair has totally grown back.


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