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WOM is the answer to almost everything »

You can buy this book for only 6 cents on Amazon, yet it explains the most powerful sales tool in the world. And the wisdom therein is just as useful for your nonprofit, community foundation, and maybe even your personal life. These and other useful reviews in Marketing Resources.


The cobbler who let his kids go barefoot »

I've probably advised, critiqued, designed, and/or contributed copy to 75 websites since I last seriously updated mine. And yet, my work has changed, just as yours has. And so has web technology (thank goodness). Read About Rick.


Open my (fundraising) letter, please! »

I offer a workshop just on fundraising envelopes. Why just envelopes? Because when it comes to opening mail, the people in the room (that’s you and me, too) are absolutely no different from the people we’re asking for donations. We all toss out most of our mail, unopened.

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