You can find just about anything on the web, of course. For nonprofits and foundations, that includes hundreds of useful webinars, thousands of advice pages, and millions of consulting sites. Some are worth visiting again and again, others for a single visit to download a good article.

I've created this three-part "resource central" to help you in your mission. I'll always be adding to (and sometimes subtracting from) them, so I hope you'll visit often.

  1. Philanthropy Resources, if you want to follow the field of philanthropy and/or giving
  2. Nonprofit Resources, if you work in, with, or care about the nonprofit sector
  3. Marketing Resources, reviews of books and other resources on how to "sell" your nonprofit or community foundation, from advertising to word of mouth

I welcome your recommendations for books, websites and other resources. E-mail me at If you're an author or publisher with a book, send a print version (I won't read it online) to Rick Schwartz/StraightTalk, 73 Park Street, #3, Mansfield, MA 02048. I'm happy to give you an honest review.

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