What I Offer

Imagination. New perspectives. Freedom to experiment. Reassurance you're on the right path. A blueprint for the future and concrete steps to get there. Or just hard and fast strategic planning, communications, and development skills.

I've been lucky enough to work with nonprofits and charitable foundations for nearly 40 years. I've learned this: You need to be excited about the future. And you do that by defining your vision. It should be wonderful, inspiring, and engaging for everyone.

That's the poetry. The next, equally important step, is charting the path from here to there, step by step, milestone to milestone: communications, development, governance…

What I offer to:

  • Foundations & Community Foundations
    You're a world of your own (actually two different worlds), with special gifts and special challenges. Anything holding you back?
  • Nonprofits of all sorts
    Every nonprofit is different, from the neighborhood 4th of July committee to UNICEF. Sure, everyone should follow some basics, but you need some StraightTalk in your organization.
The Akron Community Foundation, which has seen spectacular growth since the arrival of President John Petures and a vigorous strategic plan, plays a major role in the Summit County Fatherhood Initiative. With ACF's prompting, three different nonprofits are collaborating their efforts to help at-risk fathers and young men become strong, nurturing parents and mentors in the community. Above, a father and daughter from the annual Father's Walk which, in just four years, has grown to encompass more than 4,000 fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and other male caregivers and mentors walk or drive their children to school.
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